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Compressors play an integral role in all industries. Yet even today – more than 175 years after the industrial revolution, these critical components are not integrated into the control platforms of other industrial equipment.

Instead, compressor controls are often housed in “black boxes,” these panels usually contain customized instrumentation used to keep the compressor operating and protected within a normal range. The primary goal of compressor manufactures are preventing you, the owner of the compressor to integrate into their “black boxes” for your own protection and forcing you to always using their services and red-type conditions.

Are you frustrated with the restrictions on your compressor controller?

Do you what more out of your compressor data capability?

Look no further… We can design and engineer any replacement package for your needs, that being on your piston, screw or centrifugal compressor control system.

Next Generation of Controls… Compressed Air Reduced Energy Controllers,

GT-Air - Compressor Control Systems

Compressor ControllersTouch Screens

Any make of Compressor, any
make of Controller…

One Solution… Full-on Touch-screen HMI

Custom build screens with standard design software

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